MyPicServer Installation Guide



• Enter your external IP address in the 'Setup' tab. This info will be sent to your MyPic Customers to access your server later on
• Enter the 2 ports ('TCP Port 1', 'TCP Port 2') you are using for this machine. Normally you have to configure a port forwarding rule in your internet router.

Select "New Album" in the 'Albums' tab. This creates a album that will be used to hold and share the photos you assign to this album

ID: The ID can't be changed and is unique for each album
Name: You can give the container a name to identify it
Description: More informations about your container
Photos: The number of pictures inside this container
Advanced: Password, currency, permissions and welcome message settings
Handling Fee: Enter the handling fee your customer has to pay for your service i.E. shipping costs.

Album Details:
Select a album and press the "Album Details" button. Here you can choose the photos you would like to share. Double click on "Message / Info / Title" to give your customer more Infos about this photo. Double click "Price and Format" to set the format and your price for your photos. You can set standard values in the preferences of the MyPicServer.

E-Mail iOS URL: Send this invitation E-Mail to your customer and he will be able to access the photos and send orders back to you.

The "Jobs" tab will show you the jobs your customers send back to you.
Select a Job and use the 'Show in Finder ...' button to jump to the folder in the finder with the order details or press the 'Details' button to get more info about the job.

Use iShare to give your customers a download link to full resolution images after they payed for it.

Use 'Analytics' for more info about access statistics from the service.

PDF documents:
Manual & Setup Instructions (English)
Manual & Setup Instructions (German)

If you need more help setting up the server don't hesitate to contact us. We offer remote services to give you a hand.

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